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Interview with Chad Shapiro, on the Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl office

08 Nov 2019
In the current market and climate, industrial sales seem to be the most solid...

New 'hipsturbia' trend taking over

30 Oct 2019
Millennials are settling down, having kids and moving back to the suburbs

Dis al lekkerder om by die huis te bly

30 Oct 2019
Danksy die vinnige pas van tegnologiese vooruitgang kan ons deesdae amper alles in die gemak van ons huise doen

More South Africans are 'cocooning' at home due to crime and better internet

30 Oct 2019
A growing number of South Africans are opting to stay home rather than go out for their entertainment

Investing in the Winelands

30 Oct 2019
The Cape Winelands, once favoured only by wealthy retirees, has become a hotbed of market activity recently, attracting a broad range of buyers

Cocooning: Home is where it's at

30 Oct 2019
A global trend towards staying in instead of going out...

Cocooning - joy of staying home catching on in SA

30 Oct 2019
The global trend, cocooning, is catching on in a big way in South Africa

Heritage properties - getting to grips with the nitty gritty

30 Oct 2019
Dating back more than three centuries, South Africa's oldest city is blessed with a rich architectural heritage

How 'hipsturbia' is transforming the very fabric of traditional suburban life

30 Oct 2019
Predicted rapid urban growth - touted as one of the primary trends of the 21st century...

Winelands commercial property market shifting under pressure

30 Oct 2019
A decade of corporate semigration and decentralisation fuelled the Western Cape Winelands commercial property sector
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